The Perils of Joint Tenancy

3 Oct, 2018//Posted by : admin//Category : Uncategorized

While the desire to avoid the costs and delays of probate is understandable, the living trust mechanism, at least in the case of real estate assets, is the preferred mechanism to do that. However, whether in a fear of, or...

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Where there is a Will and there are other ways.

24 Aug, 2018//Posted by : admin//Category : Uncategorized

The modern estate plan, in most cases, contemplates inclusion of a living trust, a "pour over" Will that names the trust as beneficiary, and durable powers for assets and health care. The primary objective of the Trust, as most know,...

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Ties that Bond

11 Jun, 2018//Posted by : admin//Category : Uncategorized

Most folks are familiar with court-ordered bonding in the criminal context (hopefully, only because they watch TV police procedurals). When someone is accused of a crime, especially a serious one, the court may order that a bond be posted to...

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To B or not to B

13 May, 2018//Posted by : admin//Category : Uncategorized

In the early 1970s, when I first became acquainted with the issues of death taxes, there was both a California state inheritance tax and the Federal Estate and Gift Tax. Of course, these created financial issues for estate planners, and...

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