Beneficiaries and Buyouts

12 Mar, 2019//Posted by : admin//Category : Uncategorized

It is not unusual in family estates, whether they be in probate court, or, more commonly now, in a deceased parent's trust administration, for one of the heirs, usually a child, to want to keep the Decedent's residence "in the...

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How Heggstad Sweeps Assets into Trusts

20 Jan, 2019//Posted by : admin//Category : Uncategorized

When clients are planning revocable trusts, and again, while they are signing, and again, after they are mailed the recorded deeds, etc., we always take care to explain that trusts are fairly useless and inoperative without anything in them. They...

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How small estate administration helps large estates.

28 Dec, 2018//Posted by : admin//Category : Uncategorized

Most, if not all, of these United States have statutes that allow Will beneficiaries and/or intestate heirs to collect accounts, property, and other small assets without the expense and delay of probate court proceedings. These statutes can be helpful in...

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Compos Mentis or Non

31 Oct, 2018//Posted by : admin//Category : Uncategorized

In Latin, the phrase "non compos mentis" describes one who "does not have mastery of one's mind". It is a somewhat archaic term, as most Latin phrases are, but still serves the purpose of defining someone who lacks the capacity...

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The Perils of Joint Tenancy

3 Oct, 2018//Posted by : admin//Category : Uncategorized

While the desire to avoid the costs and delays of probate is understandable, the living trust mechanism, at least in the case of real estate assets, is the preferred mechanism to do that. However, whether in a fear of, or...

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