Adeste Fidelis

7 Oct, 2019//Posted by : admin//Category : Uncategorized

The law requires that trustees and executors are faithful to their duties. From the Latin Fidelis comes the word fiduciary. Will executors and intestate administrators, together with other personal representatives, such as guardians for minors and conservators for incapacitated adults,...

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Conflict with Co-s

31 Aug, 2019//Posted by : admin//Category : Uncategorized

I have touched on the advisability of naming multiple successor fiduciaries in previous blogs, but it bears revisiting, as I have had the recent and fresh displeasure of dealing with co-trustees and/or executors working at cross purposes. The difficulties inherent...

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Holographic Horrors

1 Aug, 2019//Posted by : admin//Category : Uncategorized

We live in a land where the spirit of "can do" and "do it yourself" is a tradition. I suppose this stems from the pioneer days where folks out on the lone prairie had to fix their own wagon wheels...

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Easy Catch; Hard Release

3 Jun, 2019//Posted by : admin//Category : Uncategorized

Many years ago, I engaged in a candid conversation about his career with a good friend, who was a stock broker and financial planner. He told me that he and his minions employed at a large, nationwide financial brokerage outfit...

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Providing for “special needs” beneficiaries

18 Apr, 2019//Posted by : admin//Category : Uncategorized

Many parents and other Trustors want to provide for beneficiaries that have disabilities severe enough to qualify them for "public assistance" benefits. This type of government entitlements are given to those who are unable to work, or otherwise function in...

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