To B or not to B

13 May, 2018//Posted by : admin//Category : Uncategorized

In the early 1970s, when I first became acquainted with the issues of death taxes, there was both a California state inheritance tax and the Federal Estate and Gift Tax. Of course, these created financial issues for estate planners, and...

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Natural Selection

25 Mar, 2018//Posted by : admin//Category : Uncategorized

Once upon a time, wills were the operative testamentary documents. Not that long ago, really. The emergence of living trusts have moved into position as the predominant estate plan of choice for the middle class, at least in California. This...

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To Yelp, Shame, Blame, or Defame

6 Mar, 2018//Posted by : admin//Category : Uncategorized

I think most Americans believe in freedom of speech along with freedom of the press. My strict constructionist view is that such constitutional guarantees are virtually unlimited and should be righteously defended. Freedom of expression is not nearly as controversial...

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Family or Money

27 Feb, 2018//Posted by : admin//Category : Uncategorized

Most probate litigation involves family members in conflict with a variety of issues, but the essence of the disputes usually involve who is entitled to receive a deceased relative's assets. When I have been involved in these contested matters, I...

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